We Dundee: Reimagine Dundee. What needs to happen next?

We Dundee‘s second question is now live on online and we would love to hear from you!

After receiving many thoughtful, funny, passionate, joyful, and poignant responses to the first question which launched in May 2020: What’s been surprising about your Dundee during these times? we are now moving into this second phase.

The second question: Reimagine Dundee. What needs to happen next? asks for your views and ideas – from the small and radical changes for the short term to longer-term ideas for our future generations. This new focus is on what’s next for all of us in the city. You can create your response at wedundee.com and customise your answer by using the playful, interactive platform which has been designed by Agency of None.

We are living through extraordinary times. Reimagining our city’s future needs to involve us all. We Dundee is here to put the voices of citizens at the heart of that conversation. The global Covid-19 crisis has shaped our experiences. Now is the time to tell us what you think should happen next. What are the things you would hold on to and what would you radically change for now and for our future generations?

We Dundee 2020 has been initiated by Creative Dundee and UNESCO City of Design Dundee, supported by Claire Dow, Clare Brennan and Jennie Patterson. In 2013, We Dundee brought citizens together to hear what surprised them about Dundee and what they’d love to see happen in the future. Over the following years, many of those ideas took place as activities, projects, and events across the city. Hundreds of people have visited the website since its re-launch on 18 May, posting personal thoughts and opinions in response to these questions posed.

We really appreciate your support to build this visible, collective way to highlight what needs to happen next!

Please create, share and post: wedundee.com and tell others too using #WeDundee. The more varied We Dundee voices that contribute, the better.