OPEN CALL: International Design Competition / Puebla Mezcal Glass

DEADLINE: January 8th 2018

The Mexican city of Puebla, which is a fellow UNESCO City of Design, has launched a competition for a designer to create a unique glass to celebrate the Puebla Mezcal, a traditional distilled drink from Mexico.

The Innovation and Design Commission of the State of Puebla in collaboration with Defensores de la República Mexicana A.C., invites designers, creative offices, innovators, students, mezcal producers and the general public both nationally and internationally to participate in the International Mezcal Glass Design Competition.

The objective of this competition is to nationally and internationally promote Mezcal produced in Puebla through an approach to creative design and innovation captured in a mezcal glass, merging the ancestral and artisan past of mezcal with the creativity and modernity of design as symbols of quality and tradition.

Mezcal is one of the most traditional distilled beverages in Mexico, according to ethno–archaeological studies, production and consumption date from the pre-Hispanic period 400 BC, mainly in the Xochitecatl- Cacaxtla area; corresponding to the Puebla -Tlaxcala valley. This historical past of mezcal has transcended through the centuries to currently become the distilled beverage with the greatest growth on a national and international level.


Terms & Conditions



The competition is open to designers, students, innovators, creative firms, industrial design companies, mezcal producers and the general public.


The design of a glass for the consumption of mezcal that represents innovation on any level: new conceptual proposals, a formal aspect, manufacturing, manners of consumption, technological innovation, materials etc.


Assessment Criteria

The Mezcal Glass prototypes will be evaluated in both phases under the following criteria:

1. Innovation
2. Viability and market acceptance.
3. Use of the Mezcal concept (creativity and congruence in the development of the theme)
4. Design
5. Prototype quality (quality of material used, use of non-perishable materials suitable for the function of the glass)
6. A capacity of 50ml or 1 ½ oz in the prototypes created.


To complete the registration for this contest, the following requirements must be met:

Complete the Registration Form which is available on the website of the International Mezcal Glass Design-Contest.

The following documents must be attached:

 A. Official identification (voter registration card, driver ‘s license)

*Foreign participants must submit a valid passport.

B. Proof of address or residence.

*A maximum of two projects may be registered by the same participant .
* The members of the jury and their immediate family members may not participate in the Competition.

Presentation and shipment of prototypes

Two copies of the Mezcal Glass Prototypes, must be delivered personally or be properly packaged and sent taking into account the information below:

A. The creations sent by courier will be at the participant’s own risk and expense. For all material sent by courier service, the reception date to be taken into account will be the date of receipt or the packages’ cancellation date.

B. The cost of the courier service will be paid by the participant. In this case, UNESCO City of Design Dundee would arrange and pay for the courier of the prototype from Dundee.


The complementary documentation for the presentation of the prototype will consist of:

1. A sealed envelope identified with the participant’s project number; the envelope must contain: the participant’s curricular background , proof of address, telephone number and email, as well as a photocopy of voter´s registration card, passport or CIF in the case of companies or legal entities. The participant’s duly signed statement of responsibility must be included (available on the website).

2. Participant responsibility statement.

Participants will sign a liability statement accepting the following requirements:
– An agreement to not violate the Intellectual and / or industrial property of any third party. Responsibility in case of infringement of the rights of third parties will be the participant’s.
– The information provided must be accurate.
– The competition rules must not be violated

3. Project Report.

The project report can be no more than two pages long A4 (210×297) and must be bound. The project report must contain:
– Conceptual element: Description of the project idea, the aspects which provide it with originality, its advantages compared with other glasses and innovative elements of functional use.
– An analysis of economic or commercial feasibility, indicating the estimated cost of the Mezcal Glass prototype.

4. Graphic representation on a CD:

Booklets and dimensional drawings of the product (pieces and assembly) with all details and constructive technical data. 3D rendering and photographs of at least six angles, lower, upper, front, rear, right side and left side. The required format is JPEG of 1024 x 768 px at 300 dpi.
* It is an essential requirement that the project has not been submitted to other contests.


Registration: November 1st, 2017 to January 8th, 2018

Prototype Reception: November 1st, 2017 to January 17th, 2018

1st Selection Phase: January 24th, 2018

Jury´s Verdict: January 31st, 2018

Award Ceremony: February 24th, 2018


Jury Decision & Award Ceremony

Decisions will be made on January 31, 2018.

The Mezcal Glass Contest prototype winners and finalists will be exhibited on February 24, 2018 at the Regional Museum of Cholula which will also be the date and place where the award ceremony will take place.


1st Prize – $80,000
2nd Prize – $50,000
3rd Prize – $20,000


The jury will be made up of design professionals, mixologists, the General Commissioner of the Innovation and Design Commission (president of the jury), the Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Government of the State of Puebla, the Secretary of Rural Development, Sustainability and Territorial Planning as well as producers of Mezcal.


More information about the competition can be found here – http://pueblamxdesign.puebla.gob.mx/index.php/es/portada-es


For help with the application process, please email Andy – contact@dundeecityofdesign.com