CALL FOR PROJECTS: XII UNESCO Creative Cities Network Annual Meeting

DEADLINE: Monday 5th February


The co-organisers of the UNESCO Creative Cities Annual Meeting invite project proposals from designers in Dundee that will be curated and showcased during the Annual Meeting based around this year’s theme – Creative Crossroads.

Projects submitted can be brand new and specially prepared for the Annual Meeting (such as, for example, collective exhibitions, performances, workshops, installations, screening etc.) or projects that have been ongoing, those that will be continued after the Annual Meeting, or those that have already ended, but results of which cities may wish to present during the Annual Meeting.

The cities of Kraków and Katowice (Krakowice) have created a special fund for this call for projects organised in the framework of the 2018 UCCN Annual Meeting. Krakowice will provide necessary funds for the awards up to 14 000 PLN (around 3,300 EUR or 3,900 USD) each to 7 selected projects.

Selected projects will cover all 7 creative fields. Projects bringing together two or more different creative fields are highly encouraged with a view to illustrate the overall theme of the Annual Meeting. Support for local logistics and production is available to set up the project in Krakowice. Estimated costs of local production, however should be included in the total amount.


The project proposals should follow the criteria below:

– Projects should be closely related to UCCN’s Mission Statement and objectives
– Projects should be inspired by the United Nations Agenda 2030
– Projects should be easy to showcase, transport, and produce locally.

Extra points will be given to proposals that are:

– Interdisciplinary (involving more than 1 creative field)
– Innovative (employing new concept, approach, technology, etc.)
– Collaborative (involving more than 1 city from different regions)
– Engaging and interactive for Annual Meeting participants and/or the general public

The organisers will not limit the projects to any one format. The only requirements are listed above.


Evaluation of the proposals and selection of the 7 projects will be undertaken by Krakowice, in coordination with the UNESCO Secretariat, based on the above criteria. In line with UCCN’s strategic framework, special consideration will be given to proposals involving cities from the Global South and those bringing together cities from different creative fields.


Application process:

Please contact Andy Truscott for further information –