Letters of Support

Dundee received a number of letters of support from cities within the UNESCO Creative City Network.


Here are some extracts from these letters which were gratefully received:


As one of the oldest members of the CCN, Santa Fe has had the distinct pleasure of welcoming many new members. Each city has added a new strength and expended the potential of CCN for all member cities.

Dundee is a small, dynamic city with strong cultural identity and a history of innovation and creativity.  With a strong past, Dundee currently hosts a variety of strong cultural institutions, along with clear plans for future development.  It is our honor to recommend and support admittance of Dundee, Scotland to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.
David Coss
City of Santa Fe, New Mexico
24 February 2014


Dundee is a city full of vitality.  It has profound culture and long history of innovation and creativity.  The V&A Museum and waterfront of Dundee have become main catalysts for the city’s economy.  In addition, Dundee is home to cutting-edge life sciences, a dynamic digital media industry and institutions of higher education.
Beijing hopes that, on the platform of the Creative Cities Network, the two cities could deepen design cooperation, share success stories, boost the development of design industry, and jointly meet challenges for achieving sustainable development.
Wang Anshun
Mayor of Beijing
14 March 2014


The City of Kobe is keen to develop links, exchange and collaborate opportunities with cities around the work that share its belief and commitment to creativity, particularly design, as a strategic factor for sustainable development.
We reiterate our full support for this initiative, in the hope that admission of the City of Dundee to the Creative Cities Network will enable the building of joint capacity and strengthen our Network’s effectiveness.
Tetsuyuki Yasuhiro
Director General
Design City of Promotion Office
City of Kobe
14 March 2014


Our cities share the same goal which is to build and create a sustainable future economy with opportunities for all though cultural engagement and innovation.
Dundee’s assets as a creative city include:
Successful urban and culture-led regeneration strategy including the Waterfront and key institutions such as Dundee Theatre Company;
Building economic capacity and capability through design-led innovation which translates into the growth of the creative sector and design-based education;
Vibrant and diverse contemporary cultural with, at its forefront, the Victoria and Albert Dundee Museum, the first ever purpose built design museum in the UK outside London.
We look forward to Dundee playing an important role with the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.
The Honourable Denis Coderre
Le Maire de Montréal
14 March 2014


Dundee has many great assets as a Creative City:
Pursuit of 30-year urban regeneration program to revitalize the city’s economy and enhance citizens’ quality of life.
Support for creative industries based on design and fostering of talented individuals.
Efforts to vitalize the city’s culture and economy by attracting Victoria and Albert Museum
Determination to share design experiences and technologies with other cities in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.
We look forward to Dundee playing an important role within the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.
Won-soon Park
Mayor of Seoul
19 March 2014


Dundee is a changing city, with a long history of culture and innovation and key ambitions to use creativity and design as a tool for revitalisation and growth.
Education, engagement and support for businesses within the field of design, alongside a desire to ensure that design responses support and respond to social, economic and physical issues in the city are key to Dundee’s approach in achieving its aim to be a city where people want to live, work, study and visit.
Dundee is home to a thriving computer games sector, at the forefront of the industry in the UK, which includes the development of Lemmings and the first Grand Theft Auto and delivering Minecraft for Xbox and Playstation.  Abertay University in Dundee was the first in the world to offer a degree in Computer Games Design and continues to deliver innovative and respected education across the field.
Dundee has many strengths as a creative city.
Marcos Amadeo
General Director
Buenos Aires
Foreign Trade Board
7 April 2014


The city of Shenzhen would like to express our support, for the application of Dundee as a UNESCO Creative City of Design.
Home to a cutting edge life sciences sector, a dynamic digital media industry, respected higher education institutions and a vibrant arts and culture scene, Dundee has repeatedly reinvested itself from industrial city to post-war innovated hub.
Design has been at the forefront of the city’s regeneration.  The growth of the creative sector and design-based education have been key to the attraction and retention of generations of young designers in the city, and the subsequent growth of creative enterprises, collectives, galleries and collaborative working practices.
Ting Xi
Shenzhen Creative Culture Center
14 April 2014


I am pleased to inform you that, after close examination of the application prepared by the city of Dundee and taking into account the favourable support from the United Kingdom National Commission for UNESCO, as well as the endorsement of nominated Creative Cities, I have decided to designate Dundee as a member of UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network, in the category Design.  Allow me to congratulate you for this achievement.
I am confident that the city of Dundee will fulfil the commitments it has made in applying to the Network, and that it will take an active part in the Network’s join activities.  I know that I can count on your city’s innovative spirit, as well as on its sense of solidarity with cities from developing counties, whose participation should be encouraged further.
I look forward to a fruitful cooperation between UNESCO and the city of Dundee.
With my congratulations, I remain.
Irina Bokova
United Nations
Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
28 November 2014


I’m glad to know that your city is designated as member of UNESCO Creative Cities Network (CCN) and congratulate you on behalf of Beijing “City of Design”!
Beijing was honourably designated as “City of Design” of CCN 2012, and organized the first “UNESCO Creative Cities Beijing Summit” with UNESCO in October 2013.  Director-General of UNESCO Irina Bokova, Mayor of Beijing and 31 creative cities from 19 countries all over the world attended Beijing Summit.  “Beijing Agenda” was approved during the Summit, which aimed to establish a long-term cooperation mechanism and build a platform among creative cities to learn, share and communicate.
We wish to go on carrying out cooperation and sharing with your city, further integrating creativity into building cities and better serve citizens’ live with CCN platform to promote social sustainable development.
Dr. Yan Aoshuang
Director of Beijing City of Design
Beijing City of Design
Member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network Since 2012
3 December 2014


I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to your city on its recent admission into the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.  I hope that in joining the ranks of other internationally renowned creative cities gathered by this Network your city will, like ours, receive many benefits from this membership as well as provide back valuable contributions.
Sapporo is the capital of Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido with a population of about 1.9 million people.  It is located in a snowy, cold region with annual snowfall reaching up to six meters.  Cities like Sapporo with a large population living in such a harsh climate are rare in this world.
In recent years our city has been promoting initiatives in new attractive tourism resources that make use of media arts, such as the implementation of projections mapping (a new form of expression in which images are projected onto buildings and other structures) on large snow sculptures at Sapporo’s signature event, the Sapporo Snow Festival.
Although we are admitted under a different category of the CCN, regardless of category our cities share the common ideology of utilizing creativity in our city development.  Through this Network, we hope to establish and deepen new collaborations and exchanges with your city centering on culture that will lead to the overall growth of the Network.
Fumio Ueda
Mayor of Sapporo
Sapporo City of Media Arts, Designated UNESCO Creative City in 2013
5 December 2014


As Mayor of Bilbao, I would like to congratulate you about your recent designation as new member of the Creative Cities Network of UNESCO in the category of Design.  I want to share our enthusiasm for having been designated, of the same way as your city, as new members of this Network.
The commitment we have acquired adhering to UNESCO’s CCN will enable us to improve the cultural, social and economic potential of the creative industries, to share and exchange ideas and experiences with other members of the CCN, and to drive a transformation based on the design industries.  Our city project territory Bilbao-Bizkaia is closely linked to culture and creativity as well as the participation of our citizens and engagement with cultural diversity.
We hope that this exceptional opportunity we will enable us to develop activities in cooperation with your city and other cities of the network, and to share our efforts, our work and our illusion in different thematic areas.
Ibon Areso
Mayor of Bilbao
23 December 2014