CODE Souvenir Dundee – Call for Proposals

Dundee’s UNESCO City of Design team are issuing the first CODE Souvenir Dundee call for proposals. This call invites Dundee designers-producers to submit souvenir items for inclusion in the first CODE Souvenir Dundee catalogue.

The goal is to select an array of items for publication in a catalogue for distribution. CODE Souvenir is an original concept developed by Montréal. Whether presented to dignitaries, partners, companies, VIPs, tourists or Dundonians themselves, the items highlight the design know-how and creativity of Dundee designers. The catalogue will be distributed in print and also available online, launching in Summer 2020.

The deadline for submissions is 5pm on the 12th February 2020.

Each applicant can submit as many items as they wish, however each item must be submitted separately.

Each submission includes:

  • A completed version of the Item Identification File (Appendix A); one file per item submitted);
  • A maximum of 3 (minimum of 1) photos showing the product;
  • A sample of the  item as it would be sold;

For full submission guidelines and information on how to submit your item(s) to CODE Souvenir Dundee, click here.

For any enquiries, please email

[1]. CODE is an original concept by Raban Ruddigkeit of the Berlin agency ® ruddigkeit corporate ideas. CODE is an acronym for City Of Design and marks a city’s particular character (“DNA”).

[2]. To view the previous edition of the Montréal catalogue visit